Xbox 360 Game Support On Windows 8

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         Windows 8 To Feature Xbox 360 Games

According to the latest rumors flying around, soon you will be able to play your Xbox 360 console games on your Windows 8 PC since Microsoft has extended the Windows 8 support for Xbox 360 games as well! For the first time, console exclusive games like BioWare’s Mass Effect will finally make their way to the PC gaming scenario, thanks to this latest support.

By extending Windows 8 support to Xbox 360 games as well, Microsoft would be harming the sales of its gaming console, Xbox 360 alone since many would prefer to purchase a PC capable of gaming as well rather than a gaming console alone. Moreover, this also confirms rumors of Microsoft’s strategy of eliminating the PC gaming scenario by pushing game consoles further and further.

The later rumor already has a huge list of proofs to back them; most developers are guilty of creating ports of console games for the PC with very less customization and impractical control arrangements that can work well on a control pad alone and not practical when using a keyboard and a mouse. True PC gamers, who stand by their gaming PCs even after the release of the latest gaming console Xbox One, are often enraged by such tactics.

Xbox 360 uses standard DVDs on the gaming console, unlike archrival Playstation 3 which uses Blu-ray discs which are capable of being read in very few PCs.  However, strong argument against the rumor is that Xbox 360 gaming console uses IBM’s PowerPC architecture which is extremely different from the x86 architecture of most PCs. Hence, Windows 8 support for the code meant for Xbox 360 will not run on a standard PC.

Ports Of Console Games

                 Xbox 360 Compatible On Windows 8

However, technocrats disagree with the compatibility issue stating that Apple has previously achieved the transition from PowerPC-based chips to Intel’s x86 architecture by adding a compatibility layer that will translate the code from one architecture to the next. Adding a compatibility layer would technically allow the PC to transform into an Xbox 360 gaming console. However, performance loss due to addition of the compatibility layer would be obvious and might render the entire game useless.

However strong the rumor is becoming, Microsoft is yet to deny the same and has instead been fueling the rumors even more. The strategy behind combining Xbox Live and Games for Windows service is a fair indication that an amalgamation of the gaming platforms is in the cards and that too in the not-so-distant future! As of now, there are no official statements that either confirm or deny this widespread rumor.

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Microsoft Explains Why Windows 8.1 Is An Update

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                     Windows 8 OS

Microsoft has recently rolled out the Windows 8.1 Preview and is expected to release the same to the manufacturers at the end of August. Windows 8.1 is considered an update to Windows 8 OS and not an upgrade. Now, Microsoft explains why Windows 8.1 is considered as an update and not an upgrade.

As per the Microsoft support centre, Windows 8.1 is an update and not an upgrade. If the Windows 8.1 was an upgrade, Microsoft would have deferred revenue or charged the users for purchasing the upgrade. This would show up in the earnings of Microsoft. Microsoft stated in a Form-10K filing, “Software updates are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they meet the definition of an upgrade, which may require revenue to be deferred and recognized when the upgrade is delivered.”

“Windows 8.1 will enable new hardware, further the integration with other Microsoft services and address customer issues with Windows 8, and will be provided to Windows 8 customers when available at no additional charge. We evaluated Windows 8.1 and determined that it did not meet the definition of an upgrade and thus have not deferred revenue related to this planned release,” explained Microsoft. Primarily the Windows 8.1 update was released to get rid of the Windows 8 problems. Many of the users were not satisfied with the missing Start menu and the interface of Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft Support Forum

            Windows Problems

Microsoft has been referring to the Windows 8.1 as an update and not an upgrade. In the Worldwide Partner’s Conference (WPC) event, Tami Reller from Microsoft stated that “The Windows 8.1 will be a free update and that it’s safe to say that’s a lot of functionality coming free in an update.” With the release of the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft has rectified many of the Windows 8 problems. This is evident from the posts of Windows 8 users in the Microsoft support forum.

Microsoft’s reason for calling Windows 8.1 an update and not upgrade revolves around money. This was their attempt to not lose any money. If you wish to install the Windows 8.1 update in your Windows 8 computer, you can contact the Windows support team. They will help you download and install Windows 8.1 update without encountering any errors. If you wish to know more on the Windows 8.1 update, you can refer to the Windows 8 help pages in the official Microsoft website.

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Microsoft Developing Patch For Windows 8.1 Update Fix

Downloading Windows 8

Windows 8 Download

Microsoft released a new update called Windows 8.1 back in mid October for the latest operating system of Microsoft called Windows 8. Actually, Windows 8.1 was a free update, which was available for download from the Windows Store. However, in order to receive security updates and platform fixes on time, Microsoft has made it clear to the Windows 8 users to upgrade their platform to the latest one. Many of the customers of Windows 8.0 who tried to migrate to the latest update i.e. Windows 8.1 finally end up receiving an error message called Blue Screen of Death. However, with the hard work of Microsoft, they have found out a fix for this Blue Screen of Death, which is currently being tested in some of the selected markets.

A spokesperson of Microsoft said to Paul Thurrott, “This (Windows RT) pilot program is an example of ways we’re experimenting to help ensure more of our customers benefit from a continuously improving Windows experience. Similar to how the Windows 8.1 Update [1] process works today, the pilot program will automatically update consumer Windows 8 and Windows RT machines for free to Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update in select markets.” This will be a huge relief for those customers who have failed to upgrade their Windows 8 systems to the latest update.

Microsoft Tech Support

Update To Windows 8

The users who are looking forward to migrate to the latest Windows 8.1 update can take a look in the Windows Store to check whether it is offered or not. If it is not available in the Windows Store, you can download the latest update from the Microsoft Support website and it can be manually installed in your computer. However, before applying the update, all the users of Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 needed to install the update called update 2871389 according to Thurrott. Then only will you be able to use the latest update effectively without any issues.

The users will be able to see the Windows 8.1 update 1 in Windows Store once you have installed Windows 8.1 in your system. To receive security patches and updates, the users also need to install this update. Moreover, the tech giant is planning to introduce a new update called Update 2 in August, which will be followed by other updates called Windows 9 “Threshold” public preview or Update 3.

Before downloading Windows 8 latest version- the Windows 8.1 update, make sure that you keep the above points in mind. For help on downloading Windows 8 updates, contact the Microsoft tech support team.

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New Features In Twitter App For Windows 8

Downloading Windows 8

Features Of Windows 8

With Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has brought about a massive change in the way we approach PC operating systems. We had never seen apps for a PC operating system and with Windows 8, we have seen a radical development and this change is likely to stay for the new operating systems from the software giant.

After downloading Windows 8 and installing it on your computer, you will find that the operating system has two interfaces. One of the interfaces is the old desktop window. However, the second interface is the Metro interface where you will find numerous apps. These apps work just like the apps on your Smartphone. These apps are downloaded from the Windows Store and are updated from there. This avoids the trouble for the user of visiting the developer website and updating each program.

One of the apps available for Windows 8 OS is Twitter. As many of you use or have heard about this online tweeting website, it does not need an introduction. Now, the Twitter app developed for Windows 8 comes with a few added features in addition to the familiar features. Let us first find out how to install this app in Windows 8 and then find out its various features.


You may navigate to Windows Store and search for Twitter in the search field. From the search results, select Twitter and click the download option. Once the setup file is downloaded, double-click and install the app as per the on-screen instructions. When the installation finishes, launch the app and enter the user name and password to login to the Twitter account.


When you login to the Twitter account, you will find many familiar features just like the ones we see while logging into the account from a web browser. These include buttons for Home, Discover, Me, Connect etc. You will find the icons for Search and Compose in the upper right corner.

Windows Store

Windows 8 Upgrade

With this feature, you can now swipe the photos and see them in a grid. You may also scroll horizontally for this feature to function.

Snap view

The snap view will allow you to snap the app to either the left end or the right end of the screen. This means, you can run another app by its side.

With the newly introduced features, using Twitter will be a fun filled experience in Windows 8. Therefore, after downloading Windows 8 and installing it, do not forget to download this feature rich app to the operating system.

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Upgrade To Windows 81 To Get The Start Button Back In Your OS

Downloading Windows 8

            About The Windows 8 Update

The number of Windows OS users downloading Windows 8 was small enough that Microsoft was forced to make some changes to their new OS and market it as a different OS, Windows 8.1, instead of releasing it as a Windows 8 Service Pack update. This was a smart move from Microsoft, to put some distance between the failed Windows 8 OS and the new Windows 8.1 edition.

So, what are the changes they made in Windows 8.1?

Soon after the release of the Windows 8 OS, Microsoft started receiving complaints about the absence of the Start Menu, complicated OS options, the less user-friendly desktop mode, etc. Instead of releasing some fixes to take care of these problems, Microsoft decided to revamp the Windows 8 OS and release it as Windows 8.1.

Realising that many Windows 8 users were downloading Windows 8 third party apps to add the Windows 7-style Start Menu to their OS, Microsoft has brought back the Start Button in Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 OS will be marketed as a new version of the Windows 8 OS. But, current Windows 8 users can upgrade to the new OS for free.

The Start Button will make it easier for you to reach the power options like Restart, Shut Down, etc, in less than the three or four steps requires with the original Windows 8 OS. The Start Button is by all means the full-fledged Windows Start Menu you used in Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. Instead, the Start Button in Windows 8.1 will take you to the Start Screen, which is more of a full screen Metro UI version of the original Start Menu, more suited to the touch screen operating system.

SkyDrive Cloud Service

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Microsoft has also made some improvements to the Desktop UI mode in Windows 8.1. Those users who want to skip the Metro UI and use only the Desktop mode in Windows 8, can now do so. There is an option for directly booting to the Desktop mode in Windows 8.1.

Also, Microsoft has added the 3D printing support in the new Windows 8.1 OS. This feature was absent in the original Windows 8 OS. They have also added many more features to the SkyDrive cloud service in Windows 8.1. These are just some of the differences between these two operating systems.

You can easily find many tech articles online that will give you a detailed list of all the difference between the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems.

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