Windows 8 problems with scanner

People are looking forward to the release of the Windows 8 operating system, which will most likely be in late 2012. It’s so not cool to wait that long to experience the newly installed features of Windows 8. This is where the Windows 8 developer preview comes to the rescue. It has already been released and is absolutely free to download. Installing the developer preview allows users get a general idea about the new operating system. Now, the developer preview is great, except for the various Windows 8 problems that you might encounter while using it. This is because the developer preview is not fully developed. In this article we are going to discuss Windows 8 problems with the scanner device.

Details about such Windows 8 problems

As mentioned earlier, Windows 8 will not be out for some time.  And because of this people are finding it difficult to get Windows 8 drivers for all the devices. When there is a lack of adequate Windows 8 drivers, the respective devices won’t work properly. Same is the case with the scanner too. The only way around this is to run the existing drivers in compatibility mode.

Instructions to resolve these Windows 8 problems

Mentioned below are the instructions to resolve Windows issues with the scanner device by running the existing device driver in compatibility mode.

  1. Kick off this procedure to resolve your Windows 8 problems by right clicking on the “.EXE” file for your scanners driver.
  2. Click on “Compatibility tab“ > “Run this program in compatibility mode” > “Run this program as an administrator” > “Apply” > “Ok”.
  3. Finally end this procedure to fix your Windows 8 problems by double clicking on the “EXE” file.

That’s all with the information for resolving Windows 8 problems with the scanner.

Contacting a tech for support on how to resolve this problem is also a option that one can follow. The company will help out with the users IT problems and in this case Windows 8 which is still in beta mod

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Preview Of Windows 8.1 RTM Build 9200

Downloading Windows 8

Windows 8 Has A Faster Boot

You can choose and download the edition that suits your needs best from the different editions of Windows 8 that have been released. Windows 8 can be purchased from retail stores and online. Upgrading to Pro license requires that you purchase Windows 8 Pro Pack. The additional feature of a Windows 8 Pro OS is the protection due to BitLocker and it is possible for the PC to hold a remote desktop session. Students downloading Windows 8 can upgrade to Windows 8 instead, for a lesser price. This is applicable to only those who have a genuine copy of XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Windows 8 was launched with the aim of building the same operating system to carry the same user experience on laptops, desktops, mobile phones and tablets. This is the first OS of its kind that was launched in October 2012.

The user interface is much different from that of Windows 7; in addition, there are some modifications such as the removal of the sounded corners, the ribbon-style look implemented for Internet Explorer and last but not the least- the removal of Aero transparency.

In Windows 8, the greatest change is that the Start screen has replaced the Start menu completely. In the Start screen, any installed application appears as a tile, hence to launch any application, it is enough to click these dedicated tiles. The Modern UI includes a Charms bar that appears to the right hand side as a vertical bar. This bar allows users to share data easily, access the power options instantly and open the Control Panel.


Apps Can Be Downloaded From Windows Store

People can download applications and programs from the Windows Store in addition to the same way of traditional downloading and installing. Windows Store is an online resource, which has a number of apps and programs that are compatible with the OS. The functioning is similar to the other mobile market places where the users do not have to download the app as it gets automatically installed.

Another improvement in Windows 8 is the ability of the PC to boot faster than its predecessor. This is based on a technology called UEFI that can be activated only on computers with specialized hardware. UEFI is a replacement for the old BIOS firmware interface that helps the PC to fun faster, which is good excuse to upgrade to Windows 8.

Windows 8 has lot more to offer for its users with USB 3.0 support, and integration with Windows Live account. Therefore, there are lots more to add to the benefits of downloading Windows 8. Try it today!

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Microsoft Fixes Windows 8.1 Mouse Issues For Some Games

Windows 8 Problems

            Windows 8 Upgrade

Of late, many users have been complaining about issues in their Windows 8.1 operating system. Mainly, these issues have been reported related to the mouse-pointer problems while playing certain games. However, Microsoft has now released a software update that promises to fix the existing issues of the users related to the same mouse-pointer issues in the games. The update is available for users and they can download for both the x86- and x64- based versions of Windows 8.1, in addition to the Windows server 2012 R2.

There had been many cases reported where users were experiencing stuttering with the mouse input when playing games in their systems running on the latest Windows 8.1 operating system. Earlier the same issues had occurred in Windows 8 systems as well. The freezing with the mouse input while playing certain games had contributed to the existing Windows 8 problems and forced Microsoft to launch the next version. Now, Microsoft’s support document says that such issues cropped up from “changes to mouse-input processing for low-latency interaction scenarios” in the Windows 8.1 OS. Thus, Windows 8.1 users might think the update released by the software giant would fix all such gaming issues.

However, the proposed fix by Microsoft may not work on all the affected games. There are a total of 16 games listed out on the Microsoft’s support page, for which the latest update applies. These include six games in Activision’s Call of Duty series, including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Counter-Strike, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Hitman Absolution, Hitman Sniper Challenge, Half-Life 2, Metro 2033, Portal, and Tomb Raider.

Mouse-Pointer Issues

         Windows 8 Versions

These were all games in which the users had experienced Windows 8 problems earlier. According to the Microsoft tech support, if a user wants to fix any affected game that doesn’t come under this list, he would require performing registry tweaks for each individual game. This has to be done in accordance with the instructions provided by Microsoft. It has also been stated that even Game developers can apply the registry fix themselves in order to fix these updates. Later on, they can themselves issue an update to players about the fixes.

Hence, it is quite clear that the Windows 8.1 users are quite disturbed with the increasing number of issues in the Windows 8.1 update. How long Microsoft would take in fixing such issues, is yet to be seen.

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Tips For Resolving Recording Issues With Windows 8

Windows 8 problems

Windows 8 sound issues

Windows 8 is relatively new in the market and users are still bemused over the certain features and features of the operating system. Whichever operating system you use, problems that sprout are very hard to tackle and finding easy to follow solutions is quite challenging. Recording problems are often encountered with Windows 8 operating system users. Users have to follow the below mentioned guidelines to resolve the Windows 8 problems.

Steps to follow

  • Place the cursor at the bottom or top right edges of the screen and the Charms bar will appear. Select Settings, choose Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound and finally choose Sound.
  • Choose Recording tab available in the sound window.
  • Go to the area where the devices are available.
  • Right Click on the blank area and choose Show Disabled Devices.
  • Options such as What U Hear, Stereo Mix etc will be available. Right Click on the options and choose enable.
  • Right Click again and choose Set as Default Device. Select the OK button.
  • In the box of input source, sources like What you hear, stereo Mix are available to set for recording, streaming and so on.
  • If in the sound window, if Stereo Mix option does not appear, it means that support of recording streaming, integrated sound is not possible. In such cases, a sound card installation will resolve all of the issues.
  • If you are not able to view the input sources while utilizing a netbook or laptop, resolving such issues is quite tough. You are required to avail assistance from your manufacturer to resolve the issue.
  • There is a possibility that the resolving of the problems can be performed by using a PCMCIA sound card if a PCMCIA slot is available in the laptop.

    Recording problems

    sound card in Windows 8

  • As a final method for resolving sound issues, users can opt to utilize a mini-plug Stereo-to-Stereo cable that is connected from the speaker/headphone to the line in port. Due to non-availability of a line in port, users may utilize a Stereo-to-Mono cable connected from the speaker/headphone into the microphone In port. Accordingly, choose the input source as either microphone or Line In.
  • Always select the lowest volume level so that no catastrophe occurs to the sound card while utilizing the cable connection method.

By following the above mentioned tips, Windows 8 problems regarding recording can be easily sorted out.

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Microsoft Needs To Introduce More Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 problems

      Windows Phone 8

When you compare Windows Phone with Android or iOS, the first drawback you would notice with is the lack of apps for Windows Phone. Both the Apple Store and Google Play have plenty of user-friendly apps. Interestingly, a good number of these apps are totally free. Conversely, Windows Store suffers from a scarcity of useful apps. Most of the apps one would find in Windows Store are either paid versions or unpopular ones. This is one of the Windows 8 problems.

Instagram Windows 8 app now available at Windows Store online

Recently, Microsoft made some attempts to woo new users to Windows Phone claiming that its app store has now popular apps like Instagram. However, people soon realized that the Windows Phone version of one Instagram app along is not going to change this problem – plus the app lacked many of its key features found in Android or iOS versions. The current trend is that most developers release brand new apps first for iOS. Once the program becomes outdated in the Apple platform, the developers release an Android version of it and then, a few months later a Windows Phone version. During this journey from IOS to Windows Phone, the app is certain to lose many of its most admired features. Android, with so many users would get apps with the best features before a version of it finally appears on Windows Store.

Instagram Windows 8 app

        address Windows 8 problems

Ever since the launch of Windows Phone supported mobile devices in the market, we have been observing users complaining about the lack of Windows Phone 8 apps. It is not just that such Windows 8 problems make people dislike the new Windows platform for PCs and mobile devices but the poor app support, scarcity of apps and other dull factors prompt them to switch to the cool Android freeware OS, which already has thousands of popular apps available at Google Play.

Microsoft’s decision to release a new updated Skype app for Windows Phone is appreciated by a large number of Windows Phone 8 users. But, this is not enough. Let us hope that Microsoft will take some initiative to make available more user friendly apps for the Windows Phone 8 OS users in the coming days. Hope you found the information provided in this article useful.

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