Issues With Windows 8

Windows 8 problems

            What Are Windows 8 Problems

Microsoft Corporation considered Windows 8 to be the next big thing before its launch. There was way too much hype surrounding the launch of the supposedly revolutionary operating system. However, what happened in reality is something we all know by now. Windows 8 did not live up to the huge expectations set by the software maker. Actually, Microsoft hugely miscalculated and made an error of judgment before launching the operating system. Microsoft Windows 8 may be modern, advanced and even better than all its predecessors, but the users did not feel the same. For users, Windows 8 is the most confusing Windows operating system they had to deal with.

If Vista was bad because of the horrendous feature issues, Microsoft Windows 8 failed because of the complexity and confusion of the various features and the interface changes. The Windows 8 User Interface can be a nightmare for first time Windows users. Actually, it is easy for those users, who are not familiar with any other Windows OS because there is hardly anything common between Windows 8 and its nearest predecessor Windows 7.

When the software giant developed Windows 8, it seems they did not factor in the learning curve. It is indeed steep. When Windows 7 is this successful, the software maker should have made something advanced yet similar to the Windows 7 user interface; instead, they overhauled it completely into something difficult to absorb and hard to use right away. Many Windows 7 users have no intention to move on to Windows 8, because they feel that the latest operating system is not worth switching to.

Windows 8 failed

       Windows 8 Problems Information

Where did the world’s leading software maker go so horribly wrong? What were they thinking? Actually, difficult targets they have set somehow pressured Microsoft. Microsoft wants to make their presence felt in the mobile devices section of the user base. The Redmond based software company plans to unify the PCs, tablets and smart phone devices operating systems. Probably that is why Windows 8 was modeled on its smart phone counterpart. Though Windows Phone 8 is good, Windows 8 for PCs have left a lot to be desired.

There were many Windows 8 problems. The interface itself is not optimized to work best for PCs. Windows 8 works well for touch screen devices. Though Windows 8.1 rectified some of the glaring Windows 8 problems, the confusing interface remains.

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Some Useful Information Before Upgrading To Windows 8

Downloading Windows 8

                          Upgrade To Windows 8

An upgrade from an older Windows version to a new one used to be a no-brainer in the past. However, with the introduction of Microsoft’s latest OSs, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the upgrade has become bit of a mess. Some are wondering whether the upgrade to Windows 8 is really worth the effort and money. Unlike most other previous Windows versions, Windows 8 is sort of a different type. It has an entirely different user interface. Unless you are so advanced in using various operating systems, both of Microsoft’s and of third parties’, you would need a bit of a learning curve. The reason is that Windows 8 is not that direct in the way it presents to you.

Downloading Windows 8

If you have a plan to upgrade your current OS to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you should get a copy of Windows 8. There are two ways by which you can obtain a copy of the OS; download the setup file of the OS from Microsoft’s website or purchase the DVD containing the setup file of Windows 8. It is said that online upgrade is better because it saves you time. Now, it is better to know who can install Windows 8.

As per Microsoft’s upgrade policy, in order to upgrade to a new OS version, the user must have the previous version of the OS. To be simple and precise, if your current OS is Windows 7, you can make a direct upgrade to Windows 8 because Microsoft hasn’t rolled out any other OS between Windows 7 and Windows 8. Nevertheless, if you are using Windows Vista, the predecessor of Windows 7, you must upgrade to Windows 7 before being able to upgrade to Windows 8.

Installation Of Windows 8

                Windows 8 Upgrade Help

It sounds pretty ode but if you have to skip the upgrade to Windows 7 before upgrading to Windows 8, then you must go for a fresh installation of Windows 8. The fresh installation does not allow you to retain the current PC settings. All installed apps and stored data will be erased from your PC. So, it is better to back up your valuable data if you are going for a fresh installation of Windows 8 on your PC.

Windows 8 is quite different from Microsoft’s previous operating systems. If you are stuck with older Windows OS versions, you would find it hard to come to terms with the new Windows 8 OS in the beginning. However, it is not a bad choice. It is a totally modernized OS with lots of stunning features. You can contact us for any help regarding downloading Windows 8.

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Windows 8 Loses Market Share And Microsoft Loses Face


Windows 8 Finally Failed

It seems that Windows 10 will be released sooner than we all expected as Windows 8 continues to slide in terms of market share of the operating system. According to the recent polls by Net Applications, a leading statistics firm, Windows 8 is not able to boost its sale even after repeated updates and employment of various different marketing strategies by Microsoft. If you are planning on downloading Windows 8, sit back and go through this article first!

No agency is able to predict the erratic performance of either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system. Back in June, Windows 8.x registered the first downward trend, which at the time was brushed off as a trend that will not stay for long. Apparently, bad turned to worse as the latest set of figures cuts a sorry face for Microsoft. In short, both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 show drops in sales in July as well!

Back in June, When Windows 8.1 gained 0.26 percent and Windows 8 dropped 0.366 percent, the aggregated loss of the Windows operating systems was a loss of 0.1 percent, a rare event. In July, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 operating system registered a drop of 0.05 and 0.01 percent share in the market, which also marks the first time Windows 8.1 operating system lost market share since its release. If you compare both versions, Windows 8.x went from 12.54 percent in June to 12.48 percent in July, a fall of 0.06 percent.


Windows 8 Unable To Resurrect

Although some might choose to brush this away as a minimal loss in market share and not significant enough to warrant attention, it is clear that Microsoft’s divisive operating system has officially lost in the rat race. All the predictions about imminent failure of Windows 8.x operating system have finally proven to be true.

If you are planning on downloading Windows 8, you must consider halting for some time and check to see the next operating system. A better option would be to install Windows 7 instead! Outrageous as it seems, the three-year-old operating system rose on popularity after the demise of Windows XP. From 50.55 percent in June, to 51.22 percent in July, for a difference of 0.67 percent, Windows 7 operating system actually climbed up the ladder and caught the title of the leading operating system after end of support date for Windows XP.

Of course, future cannot be predicted and the Windows 8.1 Update 3 is yet to come. Maybe the new update would tip the odds back in favor of Windows 8.x. Only time will tell!

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Firefox For Windows 8 Touch Beta Edition Arrives

Downloading Windows 8

                Windows 8 Touch UI

Windows 8′s tiled Modern/Metro user fans are in for a surprise as Mozilla has finally announced it has released the new touch friendly web browser in beta edition. This means, there are more web browsing options for users who are not the avid fans of Internet Explorer and prefer Firefox to others. Users who want reasons for downloading Windows 8 need not ask anymore!

Released via the official blog, Mozilla announced that Firefox for Windows 8 Touch is now available for Beta release. Unlike earlier, this version is not one of the standard Firefox web browsers that you have come to know. This app is designed for Windows 8′s tiled UI, which is best suited for touch screens. Thus, if you are a Windows 8 OS user, head over to the Mozilla website and try out the all new web browser.

The latest version of Firefox, designed for Windows 8 Touch Beta, supports various touch gestures like swiping and pinch to zoom as well as full-screen and snap views. Moreover, you can make use of the Windows 8 Share charm to share content from inside the Firefox app. There are several other Apps in the Windows App store which can increase your productivity and serve numerous other uses.

Windows 8 Touch

            Firefox For Windows 8

However, do not get your hopes high. Beta version Firefox is bound to have bugs and other quirks. Just recently released, it has already been confirmed that Firefox for Windows 8 suffers from freezing issues. Consider dealing with them and reporting them, as and when required, to be your contribution to the Mozilla open source free society. Mozilla has warned users not to minimize the App when in full-screen mode. This is bound to freeze the App. Do make sure you report any bugs you come across because Mozilla utilizes crowd sourcing on a large scale in order to improve their Application. They will consider your reports and will strive to work out a solution that will rectify the underlying issue.

Since the Beta version is already available, the full-fledged release of Firefox can be expected in a short while. If you are downloading Windows 8, you should install and try out different Apps along with it. This enhances usability by making full use of the computer. If you come across any issues while installing the new web browser, you may contact our tech support staff in order to receive further advice.

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Downgrading To Windows 7 An Apt Solution To Escape Windows 8 Problems?

Windows 8 Problems

Windows 8 Support

Despite many of its touted features, Windows 8 wasn’t a tempting operating system for Windows 7 users. In contrast to their expectations, Windows 8 proved to be a flawed operating system, thanks to the numerousness of Windows 8 problems.  Surveys held among some Windows 8 users (who upgraded to the OS from Windows 7) show that they are now looking for simple methods to downgrade their OS to Windows 7.

How to downgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 8?

Spotty hardware support, confusing user interface, absence of Start button, etc are some of the common reasons that Windows 8 users quote to downgrade to Windows 7. Surprisingly, Microsoft is not preventing its customers from going back to Windows 7. In fact, the software giant has introduced a cost-free downgrade path for certain editions of Windows 8.

Downgrade from Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro, the business edition of Windows 8, has the best path for downgrading to Windows 7. Users of this operating system can downgrade to Windows 7 Professional without much hassles. However, Microsoft mandates that the users should possess the Windows 7 CD as well as product key for the downgrade. The downgrade does not cause any changes to data stored in the hard drives or the installed applications.

For uninterrupted downgrade, users are supposed to install the older operating system (Windows 7) on their PC and then ring up Microsoft help desk for the activation of the OS. Contacting Microsoft help desk is necessary to ensure that the product key is not used by other users. In case the product key is used, the help desk would be able to regenerate an alternative product key to help you activate your OS.

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 8 Features

Are Windows 8 consumer editions eligible for free downgrade?

Microsoft hasn’t granted cost free downgrade rights for the consumer edition of Windows 8. If your PC came with Windows 8 pre-installed, which happens to be a consumer edition, you need to buy a Windows 7 CD from a retail outlet. Therefore, if you have any plan to use Windows 7 on a new laptop or desktop you are going to buy, think twice before choosing the OS for the new device. If you are more inclined to using Windows 7, it is better to buy a PC that has Windows 7 preinstalled than a Windows 8 preinstalled one.

Most editions of Windows 8 are upgradable to the latest Windows 8.1 update, which is free from Windows 8 problems. So, if you can’t downgrade to Windows 7, why not upgrade to Windows 8.1?

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