Setting Up An Email Account In Outlook 2013

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       About Outlook 2013

As expected, Microsoft has released an Outlook version that would suit the touch-based interface of the new Windows operating system. The functions and tasks like the one to setup email in Outlook mail client remain almost the same with only slight variations.

About the Outlook 2013 mail client application

Outlook 2013 is definitely an improvement when compared to its predecessor. There are many new cool functions like the Message Recall option in the new Outlook 2013. The old Outlook users would not find it difficult to figure out how to setup email in Outlook 2013. However, with the new interface, the users might not find the options and buttons in the same old places.

How to setup email in Outlook 2013

If you are opening the Outlook 2013 application for the first time after its installation, the email account set up wizard will be launched by default asking you to add the account to be able to start using the new email client.

There you would find the option to add the email account to the mail client using the Manual or the Automatic methods, just like in the older Outlook versions. The Automatic email set up can be used for the email accounts for any of the commonly used email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

For other third party email services, you have to use the manual set up option. Even for the mainstream internet service providers, you need to use the Manual setup to add the security features to the email account.

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    Email setup in Outlook 2013

Then, you have to choose functions like Internet email service to go to the Email Settings page. The Outlook mail setup wizard would now ask you enter all the details like the username, password, the type of the email service, the protocols used, incoming and the outgoing email server addresses, authentication settings, port numbers, etc.

Just like in the other Outlook versions, here too, these settings have to be accurate for Outlook to establish a connection to the mail message server properly. Therefore, make sure that you have all the correct information with you before you start the account set up process.

After you have entered all these information correctly, save and exit the application. You email account is now successfully added to the Outlook 2013 application.

For those who still have not started using Outlook 2013, it is available with the Microsoft Office 2013 suite.