How to fix Windows 8 Problems as a result of a Corrupt Profile in Windows 8

Windows 8 Problems

Windows 8 problems fixed

For those of you who have Windows 8 installed as the primary operating system for your computers, chances are you might face difficulty with Windows 8 problems as a result of corrupt or damaged user profiles.

However in getting on with our article, Windows 8 and its support team explains that the same problem isn’t unsolvable. And as such, you can continue with this article for a simple workaround that the team has formulated in helping you get rid of the same issue in a jiffy.

But first let us look into a brief understanding of what a user profile actually means.

What is a User Profile

Microsoft explains that a “User Profile” is nothing but a set of customization of the default settings for the operating system, or for each user of that operating system. And so, each user can customize the operating system and its appearance for his/her own account as per the user’s preferences through their user profiles.

A user can also add a picture as his/her account image, set it as the default desktop background, apply a theme or even change the appearance settings for the same account.

Now each user profile is secured against profile corruption. However, chances are it can get corrupted or damaged while using Windows 8 Consumer Preview. And in such a case, you will have to fix and repair the issue so as to get back on your operating system.

To do so, the instructions are as given below.

Fixing Windows 8 Problems as a result of Corrupt Profile in Windows 8

1.                  Creating a new User Account

  • To begin with, locate the “Command Prompt by typing in “cmd into your Windows 8 “Charm” screen.
  • ·         Following which right click on “cmd.exe” file and select “Run as Administrator”.
  • Type in net user username password /add (without the quotes)” into the resulting blank run window.
  • And then replace “user name” and “password” with you chosen user name and password.
  • To do so, navigate to “C:\Users\Corrupted_Profile_Name\”.
  • Now copy all files except the 3 as listed below from the same folder:

2.                  Copy old files to new profile

windows 8 problems

windows 8 problems fixed


  • If in case the last file is missing, then there should be 2 log files with “.LOG1 and “.LOG2”.
  • However, if in case you cannot view these files, you will have to uncheck the option “Hide protected operating system files from “Folder View” options in “Control Panel”.
  • Finally, navigate to “C:\Users\New_Profile_Name\” and paste all of the files you copied earlier.

And you are done. You can now delete the corrupted profile and get rid of your Windows 8 problems.