Resolve Windows 8 Problems related to Skype on Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows 8 Problems

Even though Microsoft is not ready with the final version of Windows 8, around one million users downloaded Windows 8 Developer Preview to get a taste of the yet to be released OS. This number reflects the importance of Microsoft on today’s tech world. Now, Windows 8 is supposed to be a great OS, but it does have its share of Windows 8 problems, take a look at this one with Skype.

Sometimes when you use Skype in the Developer preview, the application will hang and you cannot work properly on it. Such problems with Skype are present even in the early builds of Windows 7. But if you get the latest version of Skype (version:, you will not face such Windows 8 Problems because, Skype has released this new version to be compatible with the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

But there are some Windows 8 Problems that troubles you with Skype, even after getting the latest version. If you are having Windows 8 problems with the same, here are some things you can try to fix your Skype.

What causes the Windows 8 Problems while working on Skype?

Windows 8 Problems

If you start the application incorrectly, you will start facing Windows 8 Problems. Just follow these tips when you launch Skype in the Developer preview and you can avoid Windows 8 problems.

  1. Try to avoid launching Skype from the desktop icon.
  2. If you pinned Skype in the taskbar, don’t open the program by clicking the taskbar icon.
  3. Sign out from Skype before quitting the application.
  4. And never check the box for automatic signing in Skype.

Follow these tips when you launch to keep the application running smoothly and without any Windows 8 problems.

  1. Start the application from the Start screen to get Skype working correctly.
  2. Before launching Skype, Microsoft recommends that you restart Windows Explorer.

If you follow these guidelines, you will not face have to face Windows 8 problems with Skype on the Developer preview.