Odyssey and Marco Windows 8 Drivers for Samsung

Windows 8 Drivers, Samsung

Windows 8 drivers from Odyssey and Marco

The release of the most promising computing innovation of the times- Windows 8 is just around the corner. The much hyped Metro UI and Immersive Browser, whose snapshots we got in the Developer and Consumer previews of the OS, are ready for their launch in just a matter of months. As Microsoft promises, Windows 8 shall not only be a repository of many new and exciting features, but a platform that works incredibly fast, without comprising on efficiency.

Obviously, as the launch of the new OS nears, hardware manufacturers would be busy enhancing the capacities of their devices to welcome it. In addition, in this post, we give you a comprehensive account on cell-phone giant Samsung’s attempt to incorporate Windows 8 into their devices.

Samsung Smart Phones

Samsung is simply the hit in emerging economies. Clearly forecasting the smart-phone dreams of the middle-classes, Samsung went on to release a plethora of smart-phone models in the most economic price ranges. Such clever market tactics coupled with the immense popularity of Android, have simply made the company the undisputed champion in the arena of new-generation phones. Moreover, as Windows 8 nears it launch, it is heard that the company has developed two new smart-phone models. Let us now have a look at their attributes.

Samsung’s Windows Dreams

Even though not officially aired, two new models of Samsung phones were revealed recently. If we could go by the rumors, both phones are said to be running on Qualcomm’s dual-core MSM8960 chipset, which clocks at a decent speed of 1.5GHz.

Windows 8 Drivers, Samsung

Windows 8 drivers from Odyssey and Marco

The phones have been named as Marco and Odyssey, hoping that they would live up to their names with many new and exciting features. While Odyssey is expected to be an iconic smart-phone featuring a massive 4.6-inch Super AMOLED display, HD resolution and a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera; the former would be offering almost the same attributes. As the Windows 8 support team points out, the new phones also have Near Fields Communications (NFC) chips, which are an inclusion in all next generation phones such as the iPhone, Android phones, and Windows Phone 8 devices. Moreover, the new Samsung models would also sport the Waller Hub and Tap+ features for quick transactions and information exchange.

Well, that is all for now about Windows 8.

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