HP Returns To Windows 7 OS

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Windows 8 operating system has been a failure in a number of ways. This has made many users compare it to the disaster of the Vista operating system. While the situation is not as bad as that of Vista, the new operating system has been less than satisfactory for many of the users and this has made some of them revert to the Windows 7 OS.

The computer manufacturer HP is now promoting the old OS. Insisting that because of the popular demand from its users, they are including Windows 7 operating system on some of their latest computers. Keeping in mind that the OS is almost five years old, HP must be seeing a large amount of customers who are interested in buying a new Windows 7 computer.

The Windows 8.1 version has fixed some of the problems that were present in the original version of the new operating system. In reality, Windows 7 is still superior to Windows 8 in many ways. With the latest reports suggesting that Microsoft will be coming out with Windows next year, it is clear that the decision to move towards the touch-based Metro UI was a bad idea and has led to many of the Windows 8 problems that were found with Windows 8 and Window 8.1.

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As per the press release from HP, they will allow customers to order computers with either the Pro or Home versions of Windows 7. Ever since the early days of Windows OS, the new versions of the operating system have always been a hit or miss. The huge majority of the users who have made the switch from Windows XP to Vista hated the change and because of the outcry from consumers, Microsoft had extended the support for Windows XP in case users wanted to use the older operating system as well.

However, this situation is different as some customers genuinely prefer to use Windows 8 and it is easy to say that Windows 7 has continued to be one of the most stable versions among all the Windows operating systems.

The Windows 7 operating system will continue to get regular support from Microsoft until January 2015, with the extended and limited support continuing until 2020. If you wish to know more on the Windows 8 problems, you can contact our tech support team or you can visit the Microsoft support forums.