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Windows 8 is the latest operating system introduced by Microsoft and comes with various new features. It is designed to work on touch screen platform as well as on regular computers. Like two sides of a coin, Windows 8 also has its merits and demerits. The detailed comparison given below will help you better if you are not familiar with Windows 8. First, let us go through what we liked in Windows 8.

Modified Start Screen

Windows 8 has a well-refined Start Screen with a new user interface. The old start menu is no longer there and it is designed in a way that suites tablet computers also. The new start screen holds all the information that you need in one place. You have the access to websites, contacts, applications, updates etc from here. It also contains the normal desktop feature with a new taskbar and better file management for regular users who find it difficult to navigate with the new Start screen.

Some of the other interesting features are,

  • Touch apps – The new touch feature enables the users with tablets also to access Windows 8.
  • Color backgrounds – The new color feature setting allows you to switch between different colors when you launch Windows 8.
  • Windows Surface RT – It is a tablet from Microsoft that offers a similar experience as Apple’s iPad.
  • Windows Store – Like Apple’s Mac store, Windows Store offers lot of applications to download for purchase as well as for free.

Other features

  • You can enjoy music from all over the world using the Xbox music app.
  • Use any new Windows 8 computer with your personal settings like display options, background etc by simply signing in with your Microsoft account. Cloud feature allows access to your pictures, files etc from anywhere around the globe.
  • Fully loaded latest Windows Defender, Firewall and Updates offer maximum protection to your computer.
    Windows Surface RT

                    Windows 8 features

  • It works faster than Windows 7 by utilizing the power in a more efficient way. You can easily browse, play games, and watch moves etc in a speedy manner.
  • If you have Windows 7, then you can retain your personal settings and files without losing them. All programs that are compatible on Windows 7 are compatible on Windows 8 too.


  • If your computer is 2 years or more old, then you may face compatibility issues while upgrading to Windows 8 due to insufficient system requirements.
  • The tutorial is insufficient for new users to familiarize the features. New users figure out switching between applications, finding restart button etc. frustrating as they consume time.

Comparing the advantages, common Windows 8 problems can be neglected. A little patience and a mindset to learn the features of Windows 8 can override some of the silly Windows 8 problems. Other complicated issues can be sorted out by contacting the Windows 8 Technical Support Team.