Shutting Down Of Windows 8 Computers

Windows 8 problems

Windows 8 problems with shutting down

Windows 8 is the latest operating system launched by Microsoft. It is one of the operating system which was a hot discussion among the different tech forums and groups. The features of the operating system were widely discussed and welcomed by the tech group. Before the launch of the operating system, the beta of Windows 8 was released. People tried it in the first instance and found it to be different from the previous versions launched by Microsoft.

In addition to the different positives of Windows 8, there are several drawbacks associated with the operating system. It need not be treated as a huge drawback because after all it is human made. Errors and faults are quite natural in computer programs. Let us get on with it.

In Windows 8 computers, sometimes people find it difficult to shut down. There are several factors that can cause this situation. The USB device may become oversensitive because of this issue or it may be due to the device drivers.

If you have never experienced this problem before upgrading to Windows 8, the program would be in the Hybrid shutdown mode of Windows 8. If your computer previously has not enabled hibernation get into confusion with the new shutdown process of Windows 8, which has hibernation. But due to disabled hibernation, this feature will not function in Windows 8.


Shutting down problems of Windows 8

If you need to verify this on your computer, you can navigate to the desktop of your computer. Here you can click on Windows +X. Now choose Power Options. You can now select “Choose what the power button does”. You can have a look at the “Shutdown Settings”. You will find an option “Turn on fast start-up”. If you do not find this option, you can understand that hibernation in your computer has been disabled.

If you want to enable hibernation, log in as Administrator and go to command prompt. At the prompt, you can type powercfg/H on. You can now restart your computer. Once it is started, you can check the shutdown settings once again. Check whether you find a fast start-up option. When you find it, select it and shut down the computer once again. There is no need to enable Hibernate option manually in the list. The computer will now shut down quite normally.

If you still can’t figure out the problem, you can contact Help and support to solve Windows 8 problems. The Windows 8 problems can be solved quickly by Help and support team.