Deal with Recurring Windows 8 Problems

windows 8 problems

deal with windows 8 problems

Windows 8 happens to be on track to soon becoming the OS/2 of today. Way back in the 1980s, Microsoft worked with operating system designers at IBM in order to produce a successor to the venerable DOS. OS/2 has made several attempts to address Windows 8 problems. It has 640 KB of RAM to run your programs. The OS makes it difficult to do more than one thing with your PC at a given point of time.

In those days, various tricks were known in order to run other things in memory and even for extending that meager memory space. This was to get past the central issue. The ability to run multiple programs concurrently was required. It is also required that we be able to switch easily among them. Today, this is taken for granted. This is owing to the average multiple-monitor desktop. Dozens of programs are run and all kinds of things open up at any given point of time.


Hundred of coders worked in dozens of cities around the world in order to finish the OS/2. However, it turned out to be quite irrelevant. Windows has been able to do a much better job of allowing multitasking anyway. Intel has also come forward with more advanced chip sets.


This implies that IBM and Microsoft were serving different masters when they worked on OS/2. Therefore, it is not surprising that

windows 8 problems

deal with windows 8 problems

they ran into trouble reaching common ground and ultimately split up. Microsoft developed while Windows and IBM continued to improve OS/2.

A Final Word

Windows 8 now appears to be in a confused state. It started off trying to address one problem when in all actuality, it was trying to solve something else: How to beat Apple with a better tablet OS. It is evident that this does not bode well. We have already witnessed the fall of Windows Vista. The only thing that Vista accomplished was to reinforce our faith in Windows XP.

Some of the common Windows 8 problems have been discussed here. For help in dealing with such Windows 8 problems, do make it a point to contact the Windows 8 support center.

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