Fix Windows 8 Problems with detecting USB

Even though the master version of Windows 8 is not yet, Windows 8 Problems already started the race with the pre beta version which is the Windows 8 developer preview.

One among the many annoying Windows 8 Problems is with the USB drive. When you connect your USB with your Windows 8 computer, you will find that it’s unable to detect the USB drive and you will soon be bombarded with Windows 8 Problems. According to Microsoft, such Windows 8 Problems occur due to corrupted or incomplete drive information.

Well, let us discuss what we can do to rectify the issue rather than cry over the problem

How to resolve Windows 8 Problems with detecting USB?

Here’s Microsoft suggests you do to fix your Windows 8 Problems.

To start off with the troubleshooting process, install the drivers for your USB in the computer.  Launch the Device Manager to install the drivers. Here you will able to download the latest drivers and then update those drivers to your computer.

If the Windows 8 problems continue to trouble you, test the drive on another computer and see whether the drive is accessible. If it is accessible in another computer, then take a backup on the other computer and then re-format it and check whether things are fine now.

If it doesn’t work, then use a recovery program to recover the partition information.

If the issues continue to persist, contact your computer vendor’s website and update your computer with the latest BIOS and main board/chipset drivers.

Most probably, this will solve the issue. But if you still have such Windows 8 problems, better contact the Microsoft Tech Support team to get an easy fix.