Fix Windows 8 Problems with rebooting

You don’t have enough patience to wait until the release of Windows 8 or you just want to have a trial with the new offering of Microsoft and so you installed a Developer Preview of Windows 8 in your computer. Now you feel like, the installation was the official launching of Windows 8 problems in your computer. Because you computer is restarting now and then. Not a pretty good picture, right? Well, we can tackle such Windows 8 Problems very easily.

Now thinking of how to do the troubleshooting? Well, Windows help is here to resolve such Windows 8 Problems.

Solution for Windows 8 Problems using Startup menu

You can do the troubleshooting of such Windows 8 problems from the start up menu.

To access the startup menu, you need to reboot the computer and when the computer starts, before the POST completes, click on F8 and this will direct you to the new Start up menu.

The new Start up menu has a metro style user interface and you can use your mouse here.

Now click on the Troubleshoot option and then refresh your computer or you can also use the advanced tool for this.

To use the advanced tools for resolving Windows 8 problems, click on Advanced options from the Start up menu and here you will get the Automatic Repair menu.

Now you are asked to select an account by the Windows 8 Developer Preview — Automatic repair.

Now enter the account details and then click on Continue. This will search for the Windows 8 Problems and automatically fix them.

If you are done with these steps, then most of your Windows 8 problems related to reboot issues may vanish and it will give a good experience working with Windows 8 Developer Preview.