Fixing Minecraft in Windows

Minecraft problems

On windows 8

There might be problems that you might face while playing Minecraft on the Windows 8 operating system and some errors might occur. A bad video card driver error is one of the likely errors which can occur and this will need quick fixing. Even if it doesn’t work after performing repair then the video card driver requires updation once again. Even the same problem persists after the updation then it might be due to some Windows 8 problems, so the driver should be deleted and reinstalling it will be the best option.

Steps to fix bad video card driver Windows 8 problems

  • First step is to update the video card driver. Move your mouse pointer towards the right hand corner of the screen to open the Charms bar. The other way to open the Charms bar is by pressing the Windows key and C on the Start screen and then select search.
  • Now type the text “control panel” in the search dialog box and then click on the search

    Video card

    button. Now click on the Control Panel which will be visible on the left side of the pane.

  • Next step is to click on Hardware and Sound and then click on the Device Manager.
  • Expand the display adapters by clicking on the same.
  • Now right click on the display driver and then select the Update Driver Software. Internet connection is necessary and make sure to keep it on. This will update the display driver. If your problem gets resolved then you can stop otherwise follow the next step.
  • Now right click on your display driver and then select properties.
  • Then click on the Yes button. This will make the video card driver roll back and use the previously installed version of the driver. The system will restart after doing this. The issue should be fixed by now. If the problem is still not fixed then the driver needs to be uninstalled. Select the Uninstall button and then re install the driver once again. This should fix your problem but if it doesn’t then you need to get in touch with the video card manufacturer. This might indicate some problem with the hardware. All these steps are the ones that need to be followed to fix problems in minecraft bad video card drivers for Windows 8 operating system.

Hope this article was informative!