Getting Rid Of All the Big Annoyances in Windows 8

Windows 8 problems, Start Screen

All major issues have been dealt with

Microsoft has always been at the top of the pyramid when it comes to the best operating systems. Windows 8 has some of the best features available in an operating system. Its state of the art design and functionality clears makes it a cut above the rest. Then again there have been constant complaints surfacing from its user base regarding several of its functions. The complaints range from being minor in intensity to really major ones. But it can be said that most of these complaints are misguided and can be easily rectified by just getting bit of used to it. Despite all this there are a few annoyances that really do need attending to. So instead of recommending falling back to the Windows 7 we here hope to suggest a few solutions to them. Follow these suggestions to successfully get around these rather paralyzing Windows 8 problems.

The Start Menu

The conspicuous absence of the Start menu has left a lot of the Windows 8 users out there confused. The Start button at the lower left of the screen was an easy way to connect to every application installed within your PC. Its replacement, the Start Screen, seems to be more confusing than useful to its users. Thus if you really need to bring back the old Start Menu option you could do so by purchasing an app called Start8 for an economical price of just $5. It gives the user the start menu and several other customizations to it.

Getting rid of the Start Screen and Hot Corners

The free app Classic shell lets you completely remove the default Start Screen in Windows 8. Also to remove the Hot Corners feature you need to check a box under the “Windows 8 settings” tab, and then disable Start Screen and Hot Corners as well.

Customizing the Ribbon Interface in Windows Explorer

There are several options for your perusal and deployment in customizing the useful yet equally confusing Ribbon Interface.

Windows 8 problems, Start Screen

All major issues have been dealt with

Playing DVDs for free

The option of DVD playback is unavailable in the new Windows 8. But this can be sorted out by downloading the free Windows Media Center onto your system.

Well these are some of the pending Windows 8 problems that desperately need attention, and hope these suggested solutions will suffice for now.