Graphic issues and color problem in Firefox on Windows 8

Windows 8 help

Graphical issues in Windows 8

Recently Microsoft released the Windows 8 release preview and already many of the tech savvies have it on their systems. With the new operating system, the new browser must be tested, right?

Well, so did everyone by updating the Mozilla Firefox web browser. However, after the update, many users have complained about some troubles with the combination. The users experience problems with UI- the interface confuses the users, blurred images and other issues with the graphical features. Users who are using Nvidia Graphics card mostly face such issues.

If you are one such unfortunate user, Windows 8 help will assist you in getting out of the issues. However, the performance of the browser is not affected, it looks very odd with the transparent Firefox buttons, and it is difficult to distinguish which tab is in use. These issues, though serious, are easy to resolve. The easiest way to resolve the issues are to disable the Hardware acceleration of the Firefox browser. This article contains the troubleshooting steps for resolving the browser issues with the operating system.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox

The steps recommended by Windows 8 help are as given below. These steps will help in disabling the hardware acceleration in Firefox. The steps are as follows:

  • Launch the Firefox application on the computer.
  • Go to the Firefox main menu button and from it, choose Options.
  • Choose the Advanced option.
  • Now get on to the General tab and then actively untick the box beside “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

    Windows 8 help

    Graphical issues in Windows 8

  • Close all windows including Downloads if it’s open and wait ten seconds.
  • Restart the Firefox browser.

These steps will resolve the issues with Mozilla Firefox in Windows 8 operating system. If the issues persist or if the problem is not solved completely by these troubleshooting steps, you could be contacting Windows 8 support for assistance. They will guide you with the steps. May be you will have to update the graphics card or the drivers. If the Nvidia driver is giving you issues, you may have to update the driver from their official site.

Hope this article was informative for you. Keep following us for more information about Windows 8 operating system, its issues and features.

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