How to Resolve Windows 8 Problems with Internet Connection

Windows 8 Problems

Solving internet connection problems

For those of you who have already used either Windows 8 Developer Preview or Windows 8 Consumer Preview (or maybe even both), you might have probably noticed that Windows 8 problems are at its worst while initially trying to setup an internet connection for your new operating system. And as such, some prominent areas of conflict include audio, ones with device drivers, settings etc just to name a few.

In light of the same issue, there have been reports from many users complaining about how their internet connection gets randomly cut off following which they cannot seem to connect it back on again.

Windows 8 and its support team explains the problem

Now, what really happens as the support team with Windows 8 explains is that when you leave your Windows 8 computer idle for a period more than, say an hour, and when it automatically goes into the sleep mode, the internet connection gets automatically disconnected (as a result of the network adapter getting automatically turned off) proving your later attempts at bringing it back on completely futile. This, as the support team also adds, is until and unless you completely restart your computer again.

Now in getting on with our article and also addressing the issue in question, let us now take a look at a quick and simple resolution as formulated by the same team in helping you get rid of problem as soon as possible. Here is how!

Steps in resolving Windows 8 Problems with Internet Connection

The steps are as given below:

  1. To first begin with, get on your Windows 8 computer and navigate to “Device Manager”. This is by typing in
    Windows 8 Problems

    Solving internet connection problems

    devmgmt.msc” into the “Run” terminal or also by right clicking on the bottom left corner of your screen and then selecting “Device Manager”.

  2. Following which, select your “Network Controller” from below the “Network Adapters” drop down menu. For example, “Realtek PCI Family Controller”.
  3. Now right click on the same adapter and select its “Properties” option.
  4. Finally, uncheck the box for “Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power” option from under “Power Management” menu and press “Ok”.

This completes our steps with the Windows 8 support team; the Windows 8 problems you were facing with your internet connection will be successfully resolved.