Resolve Windows 8 Problems by Installing “KB2617028” Update

Millions of users have already downloaded and installed the Developer Preview of Windows 8 on their computers.

Now the Developer Preview is basically a buggy OS since it is just the pre-beta version of Windows 8. As of result of which, the possibility of an ordinary user encountering Windows 8 Problems are on the higher side. But you don’t have to worry about it because all of these Windows 8 Problems in the Developer Preview will be fixed in the final version.

And for the time being, Microsoft has already released an update for fixing one of the major problems in Windows 8 Developer Preview.  Yes you heard it right; update for fixing the problem with application notification and multi image tile templates has been released by Microsoft. This article contains information about “KB2617028” Update for Windows 8 Developer Preview.

Information about this update

KB2617028 update is being released to address problems faced by Windows 8 Developer Preview users regarding application notifications and multi image tile templates. This issue had been creating a lot of problems for the users which with the introduction of this update will fade in the shadows of history.

The details regarding these two issues are mentioned below.

  • First issue

Applications won’t receive notifications if the notification database file has become corrupted or deleted. If you face this issue, you have to uninstall the application and reinstall it to fix the state of database of the application.

  • Second issue

If the live tiles of your application are using multiple image tile templates, you might sometimes encounter a problem where in your Windows Explorer restarts continuously. This issue will force Windows Explorer to go in to a loop in which it crashes and restarts continuously.

Solution for this problem  

According to the latest reports, this is one of the common issues faced by users with Windows 8 developer preview. To resolve this problem all you have to do is to simply install the update KB2617028. You have to restart your computer once you have finished installing this update. You can get this update from Microsoft’s website.

That’s all with the information about update KB2617028 for fixing Windows 8 Problems with application notification and multiple image tile templates. Thanks for reading and have a great day.