Tech support to enable network adapter in Windows 8

Windows 8 Developer preview or pre-beta version has already been released by Microsoft for testing by the developers. The Developer Preview is available for download from the Microsoft websites if you want to place a first touch on the brand new operating system from Microsoft. In Windows 8, the procedure to enable or disable a network device or wired Ethernet connection or in other words, turning on and off internet connection is very easy.

Before getting to the steps on how to carry out this procedure, let us see what the uses of this are. Whenever your computer is connected to more than one network adapter and whenever any one of them is not used by your system, you can disable the connection. Also, you can solve the various Windows 8 problems that might occur with the connection, by disabling and then re-enabling the adapter in windows 8. To avoid any Windows 8 problems, ensure that you select the right one to disable from the list. The guidelines below will help you to access this option and carry out the procedure to enable or disable the internet connection without any Windows 8 problems.

Instructions to enable or disable a network adapter in Windows 8:

  • Click on “Start” at bottom left corner of the screen to open Windows 8 Metro UI screen and select “control panel”.
  • Scroll down to the last option in the control panel list and click “more settings”.
  • Click and select “View network status and tasks” under the ‘network and internet’ option.
  • In the options you will see an option labeled “Change adapter settings” which opens the network connections.
  • All the devices that are connected to your PC will be listed in this network connections window. Click once on the connection that you wish to disable. You can see the option to ‘disable the network device’ you selected, at the top of it.

You are done with disabling the network connection. Now, if you want to re-enable it, you can do so whenever you want to by following the same steps. Make sure that you select Enable to solve the Windows 8 problems. That’s all with the Windows 8 support, thank you, have a great day!