Tips to resolve Windows 8 problems with booting the Windows 8 developer preview

You may encounter a variety of Windows 8 problems while booting up your Windows 8 system. Sometimes, the Windows 8 developer preview will not boot properly or it will not start at all, when it goes into a boot loop or develops some other problems.  Thanks to Microsoft, you have a handy tool to troubleshoot some of these Windows 8 problems in your Start menu itself.

Steps to use Windows 8 start menu for resolving Windows 8 problems

First of all, restart your computer and press the F8 button continuously before the POST completes. This will help you to get the Windows startup menu in developer preview. You will see a new startup menu with a Metro style user Interface. You can either use your mouse or the touch interface option. You will see three options there. In order to use the automatic repair feature, you need to select Troubleshoot from the available three options.

The next step in troubleshooting these Windows 8 problems is to click on Advanced options and select the Automatic Repair menu. Then, click the Automatic repair from this menu. Your Windows 8 developer Preview-Automatic Repair will prompt you to select an account to continue the process. Type in your account password and click on the Continue button.

This will start the search for any probable Windows 8 problems.  After searching the whole system, the automatic repair tool will repair the corrupted files if any. Once your system finishes the repair process, you can restart your system as normal. You will see that your Windows 8 problems are resolved automatically.

Can’t boot your Windows 8 even after using the automatic repair tool? There might be some other cause for your Windows 8 problems. Your best option then is to consult the Microsoft support team who can troubleshoot your Windows 8 problems.