Troubleshooting Windows Store connection problems

Windows 8 errors, WinHTTP proxy settings

Connection problems in Windows 8

Windows 8 is here and so are the Windows 8 errors too. As always, our support team is happy to help you in troubleshooting the errors that you face while using a Windows 8 computer.

Let us turn our focus into one such error. If the Internet Explorer is able to connect to the internet, but the Windows Store app is unable to do so, it indicates that there are some problems related to the servers or the network. But what if you are able to open the Windows Store app in another computer and are able to download or upgrade new apps? It certainly indicates that the error is caused due to some other issues.

Instructions to fix the Windows Store connection problems

  • Start off the troubleshooting process by pressing the Windows+X button. In order to open the elevated Command Prompt window, click on the “Command Prompt (Admin)” option.
  • To check the WinHTTP proxy settings, run the following command: netsh winhttp show proxy.
  • Remember that, you will be required to configure the settings of the WinHTTP proxy server, if your network requires a proxy server, such as port 80 in order to access internet. Ensure that you check the proxy settings that are used in the browser, Internet Explorer. For the sake of explanation, let us take a case given above: netsh winhttp set proxy
  • In some cases, the network used by Windows 8 does not require proxy server. Not needing proxy server means that the network can directly access the internet. You will need to confirm that there is no proxy server that has been configured for
    Windows 8 errors, WinHTTP proxy settings

    Connection problems in Windows 8

    WinHTTP. However, if there is one, then you might be required to do some configuring. You will be required to execute the following command in order to remove the WinHTTP proxy settings: netsh winhttp reset proxy.

  • After you have finished configuring the WinHTTP proxy settings, close and then open the Windows Store app again. For the settings to get saved, you can also restart the Windows.

These are the instructions recommended by the Windows 8 support team, in order to troubleshoot Windows 8 errors. These are simple enough instructions and you will be able to complete the process within a matter of minutes.