Windows 8 problems dealt with Task Manager

If you are a computer user, you probably wouldn’t have escaped the ‘Not Responding’ error page. Whenever you get a ‘Not Responding’ program error, it seems that nothing is working, and you can’t even close the program that shows the error. The only way you will find to close or end the program would be through the Task Manager.

What is a Task Manager?

Now, what actually is a Task Manager? Task Manager is basically a program used to start or end processes and monitors the computer’s performance, that is, it provides information about processes and programs running on your computer. It also helps to assign priority for processes. It is thus one of the most widely used applications and has a long history. It was presented as a simple utility in early versions of Windows, used to close and switch between programs. But today, a lot more functionality has been added to it through several releases.

Windows 8 Task Manager to deal with Windows 8 problems

The idea that any changes brought to this widely used App would be perceived with great interest by the Windows users stroked Microsoft leading them to innovate the Task Manager App. Microsoft after bringing in a lot of changes in the Task Manager app in Windows 8, was both excited and cautious about the effort. The key Windows 8 problems that Microsoft wanted to address through Windows 8 Task Manager are:

  • Microsoft wanted to build a tool that was well designed, thoughtful, and modern. After all, even a technical tool can benefit from a focus on design.
  • It intended to fill the functionality gaps in the Task Manager app that made some of the most technical customers to use other tools such as Resource Monitor and Process Explorer.
  • For those who wanted to access a new level of data, the Windows 8 Task manager organizes and highlights the richness of data available to make it more elegant and clear.

To help users navigate easily through user and system initiated processes, Windows 8 Task Manager classifies the Windows tasks related information into separate groups. One of the features that is included in Windows 8 Taskbar is the auto classification of processes into Applications, Background processes, Windows Processes categories etc. These categories reduce significant amount of time that users would have spend finding threads of certain applications.

Different categories of Windows 8 problems can be thus solved with the new and improved Windows 8 Task Manager App.