Windows 8 problems having the error message “A required CD/DVD drive device is missing”

Developer preview of Windows 8 is now available for downloading and as expected millions have already downloaded their copy. Weeks after the release of Windows 8 developer preview, users have reported various Windows 8 problems while using the developer preview. This is quite normal since the pre-beta version is something which is still in the test phase. It is mainly meant for developers to experiment with it and find out possible Windows 8 problems. This helps Microsoft to fix these Windows 8 problems in its consumer version. One of the common Windows 8 problems reported by users is the “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing” while installing. This article contains details and solution for these kinds of Windows 8 problems.

Details about these kind of Windows 8 problems

One of my friends encountered this same error while installing the developer preview. He downloaded the 64 bit version of developer preview from Microsoft’s website along with VMWare Workstation 8 evaluation. Then he then began the installation procedure by creating a new VM machine with the required component configurations. Installation procedure was going smoothly until he clicked the “Install now” option. Once he clicked that option, he got an error message “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing”, which is what we are talking about now. The reason for this error is because his download ISO file was incomplete. If the ISO file is corrupted, you will face such Windows 8 problems while installing it.

Solution to these kinds of Windows 8 problems

You can resolve these kinds of Windows 8 problems by following the instructions mentioned below.

  1. First check the size of the downloaded ISO file. The size of ISO file should be 3.6 GB for x64 version and 2.8 GB for x86 version. If the size of your ISO file is less than that, then your download might be incomplete or the file might be corrupted. In this case you can have to download it once again.
  2. Burn your ISO file in to a DVD, if the burning process is interrupted, the file is corrupted.

Hope this article containing information about the “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing” error in Windows 8 has helped you resolve the Windows 8 problems.