Windows 8 problems regarding hard disk

If you are getting trouble with hard disk related problems in Windows 8, its better that you completely erase the hard disk. The process of erasing the hard disk gets really easy if you have two computers and can connect a hard drive to the second one.

The main purpose of partitions and volumes in any versions of Windows operating system is to store data in them. But sometimes you might be faced with a situation where in one of your partition or entire hard disk gets corrupted requiring you to perform reformatting or repartitioning. In such cases, it’s essential that you erase your entire hard disk and recreate partitions in it. In this article you will find instructions which will guide in the process of erasing your entire hard disk in your Windows 8 computer.

Instructions to resolve these kinds of Windows 8 problems

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to fix these kinds of Windows 8 problems by erasing the hard disk.

  1. Start off this procedure by logging on to your computer running on Windows 8 operating system where in you want to erase the hard disk. Also make sure that the account you are using to login has administrative rights. Wait for the start screen of Windows 8 to load.
  2. Click on “Desktop” from the list of options available on the start screen. This will take you to the traditional desktop style interface of which you are very familiar with.
  3. Once you got the desktop screen, right click on the icon titled “Computer” and select the option labeled “Manage” from the given menu.
  4. Continue by clicking on the options which says “Disk management” located on the left pane of computer management snap-in.
  5. Choose the disk you want to erase form the right pane of computer management snap-in.
  6. Click on “Delete” from the context menu.
  7. Finally end this procedure by clicking on “Yes” in the delete simple volume warning box.

To conclude, the successful completion of above mentioned instructions will resolve the Windows 8 problems you are facing with your hard disk. If incase it is not resolved, contact the Windows support team for further assistance. Thanks for your time, have a good day.