Windows 8 problems with built-in microphone

It seems simple to use a microphone with computer, but believe me, when the problems begin, you will regret the moment you even thought about it. The other day, I was vexed noticing that the built-in microphone in my brand new laptop was not working properly after upgrading to Windows 8 from an older version. But there was no issue with the microphone. Fortunately, when I searched online, I was relieved to find that I was not alone in my Windows 8 problems with the microphone. And the best part is that such Windows 8 problems can be resolved easily.

If you are facing the issue occasionally, it could be due to a number of reasons. So let me share with you some common tricks to get over such Windows 8 problems with your microphones. There are some basic things to take care of when connecting your microphone to the computer or using the built-in microphone correctly to avoid any Windows 8 problems with your microphone. Some of them are:

Windows 8 problems of Network delay

If you’re downloading or watching an online video, this might result in voice loss. So, while using the built in microphone, you can check for any download or video that’s already running in the computer. If you find any, close it to check for the issue. Also check the speed of your Internet connection. If you find that the issue occurred due to internet speed, you may contact your Internet Service Providers for help.

Windows 8 problems of compatibility issues with microphone

If everything listed above is alright, but you still face the issue, it will probably be due to some Windows 8 problems with the microphone. There might be incompatibility problems between your microphone and the Windows 8 OS you are using. To solve such Windows 8 problems, you can either try updating the computer with the latest drivers or contact your system vendor to check for any compatibility issues

So next time you encounter such Windows 8 problems with the microphone, before hitting or knocking your system, try if this helps.