Windows 8 problems with Oracle VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a visualization software that helps guest operating systems to load and run on a host operating system, each in its own virtual environment. VirtualBox works with operating systems from Vista to the recent Windows 8.

When installing VirtualBox in Windows 8, you have to keep one very important thing in mind. The processor of the computer should support the virtualization technology. If the processor is not compatible for the software and technology, virtualization will not be possible. However, most processors in market support this technology.

Windows 8 problems with VirtualBox

If you have tried to install VirtualBox in Windows 7 or Vista, you would have come across the error 0xc0000225. The error is as follows:

“Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert the windows install disk and restart the computer.
2. Choose the language settings, and then click NEXT
3. Click repair the computer.

If you do not have the install disk contact the system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc0000225
Info: An unexpected error has occurred.”

This is an error occurring due to the default configuration of the virtual machine. Just like in its predecessors, the same error occurs in the Windows 8 operating system too. This error can be really frustrating. However, such Windows 8 problems can be fixed using the procedures recommended by Windows 8 support.

Troubleshooting Windows 8 problems in VirtualBox

The problem is due to the APIC (Advanced Programming Interrupt Controller). Windows operating systems depend on this for complex priority models and Interrupt request management.  Here are the steps to enable IO APIC in Virtual Box:
1. Launch the Oracle VirtualBox Manager.
2. Select the VirtualBox in which you are trying to install Windows 8.
3. Click on Settings from the top toolbar.
4. Choose System from the left pane.
5. Under the ‘Extended features’ section of the Motherboard tab, check the box to Enable IO APIC.
6. Click OK.
7. Start the VirtualBox by clicking the Start button in the toolbar.
This time the program will not show any errors when launching or installing the VirtualBox. The user should be able to successfully run the Windows installer.

For further help contact Windows 8 support.