Windows 8 Problems with Remote Desktop Connection

Windows 8 Developer Preview users have already started reporting Windows 8 Problems that they have encountered. This is expected since the Developer Preview is basically a buggy version, one just for the heck of promoting a few of the new features Windows 8 and its operating will include with its final release.

Now one of such problems reported by users is with remote desktop connection. This article contains information about these kinds of Windows 8 problems with remote desktop.

Details regarding this issue

Problems with launching “mstsc.exe” are very rare in nature. So the primary focus on trouble shooting this problem should be on network connectivity and permissions. And once you managed to get the remote desktop connection intact, new problems like trouble with printer comes up.

Trouble shooting techniques to establish a connection

Mentioned below are some troubleshooting techniques to fix the issue with Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8 operating system:

  • Remote desktop program

Expect for the Home Basic editions, the remote desktop program will be already installed; all you have to do is to type “Remote” in the search dialog box.

  • Problems with locking of host screen

For licensing reasons, the host screen will be locked during a remote connection session which is one of its major setbacks. The only solution for this problem is to buy a third party remote desktop program which completely eliminated the point of free Windows 8 remote desktop connection.

  • Versions of Windows 8

The versions/editions of Windows 8 do not create problems with remote connection. The host computer can be Windows 8 professional, business or ultimate, it can even be Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows server.

  • Problems with host name

Check your network connection by using the ping command. If it shows any problems, go through the host records at the DNS server. Try using IP address instead of computer name.

If the Network Level Authentication is being enabled, then you have to type the full name of your computer at the client. To get the full name of your computer, go to “Control Panel” > “System and Security” > “System”.

  • Firewall

Try by disabling the firewall on both the local and remote host computer. Sometimes fire wall may prevent you from establishing the connection.

  • Setting up credentials

Try to create a connection with same username and password that you have used previously to log on to that second computer. Also make sure that host computer has permission to use remote desktop.

That’s all with the information about Windows 8 problems with remote desktop connection.