Windows 8 problems with wireless network connectivity

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest operating system to the line of Windows series of operating systems. Microsoft announced that the release of Windows 8 is due for the end of 2012. However, the Developer preview of Windows 8 has been released to developers for testing. Excellent reviews are being heard of this new operating system that is bringing in a whole new change to the face of Windows series of operating systems. The developer preview may contain features and characteristics that may be improved or changed in the original version to make the operating system even better.

As Windows 8 is only in the developing stage, there happen many issues with this pre-beta version, meaning that you will have to use Windows 8 developer preview at your own risk. However, every glitch in the developer preview shall be addressed and improved by the time Windows 8 final release happens.

The users of developer preview reported that occasionally, Windows 8 network connectivity problems show up in their system, and during these, they are not able to connect to the server address.  Connectivity stops all on a sudden and the process cannot load wireless network unless you restart your PC. The wireless connectivity stops in the midway. Also some other users complain that they cannot develop initial wireless network connectivity. Certain other times, the wireless connectivity is resisted by high channel traffic. These Windows 8 problems occur because of wireless network drivers or wireless network adapter issues. The following steps shall help you resolve these Windows 8 problems.

Instructions to resolve the Windows 8 problems with wireless network connectivity

Spot the “Start” button on the bottom left corner of your screen. Choose the “Search” option and in the search box, type “Device Manager” and in device manager, expand the network adapters and right click on “Network adapter” to choose “Properties”. After choosing properties, choose “Driver” tab and after that click on “Update Drivers” and finally choose “OK”.

You will need to reinstall your Windows 8 wireless drivers and card adapters if the above method doesn’t work and you still face connectivity problems. Install the latest drivers from manufacturer’s website and verify the driver’s status. This will probably solve the Windows 8 issues with wireless network connectivity.