Benchmark Results Revamped By Windows 8 Bug

Windows 8 problems

     Bugs in Windows 8

Windows 8 is one of the most reliable and efficient operating systems available at present beating Mac OS and Linux. Though efficient and reliable the most common Windows 8 problems are bugs. A new bug associated with the real time clock in the Windows 8 OS has been identified recently. When a system’s CPU clock frequency is adjusted from within the operating system, the problem arises and the time is no more reported accurately by the default built in software, slowing down with an under clock and speeding up with an over clock. In most of the computer systems the real time clock is a hardware feature that keeps track of the current accurate time.

The research work of HWBOT team

The research team at HWBOT found that after five minutes, the system lagged behind the actual time by 18 seconds after a 6% CPU base clock decrease. A 5-7% increase in score has been achieved while calculating benchmarks when it was compared with another system of same speed modified only through multiplier adjustment. Also in the same benchmarks, a base clock increase caused a decrease in the score.

Due to the Windows 8 problems, HWBOT team are no longer taking into consideration the benchmark results achieved on the operating system, and are discrediting all previous Windows 8 results after realizing the problem with Windows 8. This is a serious issue considering windows 8 as it can affect the reputation of the OS to a great extent. HWBOT wants to ensure there is no potential for duping, as there is a chance for over clocker’s to use the real-time clock bug for their benefits.

Research team at HWBOT

         Windows real time clock

The real time circuit has been discarded in many of the low cost embedded systems and with the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft has made it compatible with these machines to keep the time keeping feature intact. The real time clock keeps a check of the current specific time.  After these modifications, it is now seen that there are some issues related to benchmark tests and is essential that Microsoft may have to dig deep into correcting this issue.

Microsoft needs to analyze and correct the issue at the earliest otherwise it can cause a series of problems and might even affect the Microsoft brand name.