Common Issues In Windows 8

Windows 8 problems

                        Problems in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the new operating system from the Windows operating system series. Installing Windows 8 is an easy process and involves few steps. Even though you can install it without any issues, some of the Windows 8 problems may trouble you a lot. When you get more familiar with Windows 8, these problems can be avoided. If you are new to the Windows family, this article will help to get familiar with the common Windows 8 problems that you can avoid easily.

Problems prior to Install

It is ideal to create and activate the Windows Live Account prior to Windows 8 install. Else, this account can put you in trouble when you start exploring Windows 8. You can override the previous partitions by installing with your original install DVD. Always remember to keep a backup of the old data on an external drive before you start the installation so that you can recover your data from it. Due to the poor programming in Windows 8, the data that is in recovery drive may be deleted during Windows 8 install.

Problems after Install

Once the installation process is over, you can configure Windows 8 using the following tips.

A default email is provided with Windows 8; however, it may not be compatible with your ISP. In that case, you should install Windows Live Essentials in order to start using Windows Live Mail. Windows Messenger installed along with it will not work and you can overcome this issue by installing Outlook included with Microsoft Office. In addition, you can try installing free email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird also.

Microsoft Office

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Start menu has been removed from Windows 8 and it comes in two different views. Desktop view, also known as classic view consists of previous applications and new applications and is displayed on the start screen. Start screen may irritate you a bit due to unfamiliar response from start screen applications. This problem can be avoided by right clicking on the application individually and selecting the stop animation option. Get familiar with left and right corners of Windows 8 as it controls the Windows 8 functions. You can switch the applications by dragging the mouse to the upper left corner whereas you can navigate to start screen from the left bottom corner. Charms bar (Windows key+C) from the right corner provides options to configure the machine as well as to turn off the computer.

The best way to overcome these problems is by familiarizing Windows 8 and its applications quickly. In addition, you can use the Windows 8 help tool or contact Windows 8 technical support team for better assistance.