Getting The Most Of Microsoft Office 365

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Are you one of the cynics who think that Office 365 is a complicated product from Microsoft? In fact, there is no wrong in such a viewpoint, as many users and experts believe that Office 365 is a product, which only an IT expert can handle without any hitches. Notwithstanding this view, Microsoft recently made it clear that Office 365 is a common person’s product. To facilitate its users and increase its popularity, the tech giant is providing Windows tech support in the concern.

Microsoft Office 365 – An Everyday user’s product

Microsoft Office 365 is an online version of Microsoft Office Suite. Using this product, users can access all office products and services online. A subscription based service; Office 365, is a useful application round the clock, as its very name indicates.

Interface of Office 365

The very reason why many thought that Office 365 is a complicated product is because of its management interface. To convince millions of people who had wrong idea of Office 365, the tech giant made it clear that its interface is going to be extremely user-friendly. In fact, it will be quite similar to the interface of web-based products such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking sites. It has been reported that Microsoft plans to use Office 365 management interface to promote its business cloud products.

Using Office 365

The usage procedure of Office 365 is also quite simpler. Log in to the management page of Office 365 using the login credentials for Office 365 product and start using its features. Upon signing in, you will be led to the website of Office 365 management. As of now, the developers have created two plans with its management interface, medium and enterprise. While medium plan offers limited management options, enterprise plan provides its users with advanced options and features.

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It is reported that Microsoft is providing Windows tech support with each section of the management website. For instance, you can find elaborate navigation options with Setup, Support, Management and Support. Clicking at the top of the page would take you to the quick navigation pane. Using the Outlook Web Application (OWA) link, you can quickly navigate to your company portals too.

Apparently, Office 365 is the right answer and solution to the increasing demand for online-based Office products. As it is a subscription-based service, users may have to wait for some time to see a price-cut of Office 365. Contacting Windows tech support would be ideal in the meantime to clear your doubts about the product and its services.